Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shoebox and The 3%

I just found out about an awesome new iPhone app by 1,000 Memories called Shoebox. It allows you to scan and adjust old paper photos easily so that they can come out of the shoebox (or in my family's case, an old Ruffles duffle bag) and into an online, sharable space. I'm extra extra excited about this because I just so happen to have impulse bought the new iPhone 4S on the way out of the mall the other day, whoops! Get ready Ruffles duffle bag, when my phone ships next week, I'm coming for you...

And on another note, the polls are officially closed and I managed to nab 3% of the votes for SHAPE's Best Blogger Awards, coming in 8th in my category of "Blogs That Keep Us Happy and Sane". Although winning would have obviously been pretty cool, I know that opportunities like this just beget other opportunities, and I feel so grateful for all of the 12 Months of lent love that everyone has shown me in the past month. Thanks you all so much for voting and spreading the word. xoxo times 10,000!

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