Monday, October 31, 2011

Hot Yoga and Film Photography

This morning I had a conversation with my yoga teacher about hot yoga and how I just can't get into it. "I try to be open minded every time I go, but I just don't like it", I said, to which he replied, "It's ok, you don't have to like it". He's right, there's no need to feel [Catholic] guilt about it, it just doesn't work for me and there's nothing wrong with that. After a month of shooting digital, I have to say that I share a similar sentiment when it comes to photography. I keep trying to like digital and although there are things about it that are irrefutably awesome (viewing your images immediately, never having to buy film, etc.), film definitely holds a certain magic that digital just can't replicate (the photos below are a perfect example of this).

I had fun this month getting back out there and remembering what it is about photography that quickens my heart. I wasn't as prolific in creating work as I had hoped, but I definitely snapped out of my slump and going forward, I'm going to make an effort to break out my Mamiya more often and even just take more every day shots (which will be much easier seeing that my iPhone shipped today! eee!).

I'm super excited to close out photography month with some pictures that I just got back today of my 2009 cross-country road trip that I took with my dear friend Jess (it only took 2 years for me to drop the film off, NBD). They were all shot with my medium format film camera, and by some force of sheer magic (most likely when I left the film in my 90 degree bedroom for an entire summer), the film got totally distorted and the strangest/coolest effects happened (none of this is photoshopped, I swear).

Happy Halloween and I'll be back tomorrow introducing November's Lent: I Love Watertown.


  1. I'm just seeing this and I love it.. every bit!


  2. i was just going to email you to tell you to check them out! how cool is the one of joe's house?