Wednesday, August 17, 2011

UPDATE: #22: Try Something New From the Farmers Market and #25: Fly a Kite

#22: A follow-up on the cranberry beans, my "new" purchase from the farmers market last week. I looked around a little bit online and found this site, The Heart of New England, which has some great tips for preparing them. I chose to boil them and serve at room temperature with olive oil, lemon, fresh parsley, and black pepper. The verdict?

DELICIOUS! Um seriously, I was spoon-feeding myself beans like they were vodka soaked gummy bears (my new favorite alcohol saturated snack that I tried at Jocelyn's Jersey Shore party a few weeks ago). Really though, I'm not sure how long they're in season for, but definitely pick some up if you get the chance, I couldn't believe how delicious they were.

#25: I finally got around to making my kite tonight so I can get #25 crossed off the list this weekend. I have to say that I put in some serious effort and it definitely looks like a third grader made it (feel free to laugh out loud, I know I did haha).

Hopefully I'll be posting photos of it majestically soaring through the air in the next few days...

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