Monday, June 20, 2011

#21: Wash My Car

So, I realize that hand-washing your car might not make it onto everyone else’s summer bucket lists (and I fully understand why), but for me there’s something a little summeragical (summer and magical) about it. Picture it (and picture Sohpia from the Golden Girls saying “Picture It…”): it’s a hot summer day, the birds are chirping, you’ve got a tall glass of lemonade, and you’re out in the driveway in a sundress ready to give the car a washin’ the good ol’ fashioned way…are you there with me?

So, although it was a little bit like that this afternoon when I gave Helga II (yes, that’s my car's name) a bath, I think I may have romanticized the whole car wash thing a bit because about 2 minutes in I was sweating my face off from scrubbing, and totally exhausted from lugging buckets of water down 2 flights of stairs. But hey, at least it was good workout and Helgs is definitely looking pretty good.

I also took the opportunity to put my order of Fast Brite to work (yes, I actually buy things from infomercials, i know, i know). After incessantly complaining about the weird foggy look that my headlights had taken on, my parents saw Fast Brite on TV and sent me the info. I was fully expecting it to be a rip off but it actually worked! Here's my before and after photos as proof:

And a happy Summer Solstice to all, enjoy the longest day of the year everyone!


  1. Excellent Golden Girls reference.

  2. I need some of that Fast Brite!