Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Bucket List

Are we really already 7 days into June and I haven’t even introduced this month’s challenge? Slap on the wrist, bad blogger! I’ll spare you my lame excuses though and get right to it—this June, and probably July too, I’ll be making my way through a list of fun summer activities that make up my very own summer bucket list.

Everyone knows what a bucket list is, right? A list of things you want to do in your life before you “kick the bucket” (it’s also a really terrible movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, boy was that a letdown). While I’ve definitely drafted a few versions of the more traditional bucket list in my time, I thought It’d be fun to make one specifically for summer, because let’s face it—it’s always gone before you know it (especially if your summer is like mine and you have 5 weddings to attend).

So, let the fun begin! Here’s my list thus far, and definitely me know if you think I forgot something awesome:

1. BBQ
2. Make homemade popsicles
3. Ride my bike
4. Sleep outside
5. Blow the seeds off a dandelion (I promise I won’t do this in your yard)
6. Plant an herb garden
7. Make homemade lemonade
8. Go to the beach
9. Make a summer play list (believe me, I’d do a mixed tape if I still had a cassette player)
10. Get a pedicure
11. Catch a fish (or at least try)
12. Sew my own sundress
13. Go for a canoe ride (14T comes equipped with a canoe, one of its many perks…)
14. Light some sparklers
15. Go to a Red Sox game
16. Go night swimming
17. Pack a picnic
18. Eat dinner on the front porch
19. Pick berries and make homemade jam
20. Play a game of Badminton
21. Wash my car
22. Try a new vegetable from the farmers market
23. Buy an ice cream from the ice cream man
24. Do yoga outside
25. Fly a kite
26. Take a roll of film (yes, the old fashioned way)
27. Go to the Fair
28. Go to the Wellfleet drive-in movie theater
29. Run through a sprinkler
30. Make a new sun tea flavor
31. Go for a boat ride
32. Make a sandcastle
33. Have a bonfire


  1. I love your list! One addition: hang out with Amanda and Eleanor before they move. We would love to be involved in fish catching, sundress making, popsicle eating, picnic packing, badminton (we have a little set if you need it), washing your car, homemade lemonade, old-fashioned photography... Oh is that all? Similarly, Justin and I have a Boston bucket list of things we want to do before we leave. And here is another fun summer list!

  2. Oh! And speaking of popsicles (and your love of limoncello) here is a recipe:

  3. UM YES. Come visit Bremanda and Hesselbarth in lil' Rhody and we'll have a day filled with old fashioned film shooting, followed by a picnic on the beach, night swimming, and pssssttt... fireworks are legal in RI now. Hess usually has a healthy stockpile. I have at least five boxes of sparklers ready to go at our house, too. COME OVER!!!

  4. P.S. I think its safe to say that all of us in RI want to see Amanda and Eleanor before they skip town, too! Let's make it a party! Yay, Summer!

  5. i most definitely fall under the rhode-islander-who-wants-to-see-amanda-and-eleanor-before-they-move category! summer kick off party?

  6. OMG I love the masthead you made for this month.

    Also: there are a variety of items on this list I'd like to do, but most of all -- see a drive-in movie! I've never done that! Do you know where there is a drive-in movie theater?

  7. June's Whole Living mag has a recipe for "Quick Jam" in case you are interested