Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Surprise Romantic Comedy Double Feature

For the past week(ish), I've been unsuccessfully battling the super-cold that's going around. While *I think* I might finally be on the upswing, being sick has definitely been a bonus for my movie watching challenge (at least it's good for something).

Earlier in the week I watched Animal House (so, that's where those "COLLEGE" t-shirts come from, I get it now...), 2 nights ago I watched Usual Suspects (see previous post), and last night, I knocked Say Anything off the list. Bam, bam, Danne bam!

My upstairs neighbor was nice enough to lend me his copy of Say Anything (in a book with about 1,000,000 other movies) and when the movie ended, something unexpected happened—after the credits ran, all of the sudden, just like that, When Harry Met Sally (which I've actually seen before) started playing! That's right, a surprise romantic comedy double feature.

Now, I didn't know that I was capable of watching 2 movies in a row, but I did it. For the first time ever, Danne Dzenawagis watched 2 movies in 1 sitting. Woah.

Um, who am I? This must be a side effect of the sickness...

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