Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Little 9am Rocky, No Big Deal

This morning I did something that has probably never been done by anyone else in the world…ever: I watched Rocky at 9am. 

Yep, to make my movie goal for the month it's time to double up, so before work today, I, Danne Dzenawagis, watched Rocky. I almost don't even believe it myself.

9am aside, can I just say that I surprisingly kind of loved it? Not only did I have plenty of nostalgic moments remembering my days in the high school band when the theme song played (all 300 times), but I even shed a few tears at the end (the crying part was a little less surprising for me).

And in addition to Rocky, I've also knocked Rushmore (which was great), and Reality Bites (which was also great) off the list this week.

7 movies left to watch in 8 days? Totally doable, right?

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