Saturday, January 8, 2011

Compact Discs

They're pretty much antiquated now, aren't they? So, here's my question: Do I keep them or do I toss them? I have all of my music imported into my computer and I only buy mp3s now so is there any use in keeping the physical copies? Has anyone else run into this dilemma?


  1. Hi Danne, John Hintlian here - a contractor at Neoscape from ages ago.

    Last Summer I went through a huge, life changing purge, and I agonized about the CD's.

    Long story short they're gone, even some rare titles (I sold those on ebay - hardly worth the effort - nobody wants them). Zero regrets, I only wish I had done it earlier.

    I enjoy this journal so much, very nicely done, Danne - all the best!

  2. Hey John, nice to hear from you and glad you found my blog! The general consensus has been to get rid of the cds so I think I'm just going to do it. I might try to sell the whole book on Craigslist for cheap. Another friend pointed me to a place where I can recycle them too so that's my other option. Getting rid of things feels great...