Monday, September 10, 2012

September's Lent: 10 in 21

Ok, ok, ok, so it's 10 days into September and I've been totally 12MOL MIA. I know, I know…so, what's the deal?

Well, what happened was that I started a new challenge for September and about 3 days into it I realized it was kind of a flop. I knew going into it that it was going to be a total hit or miss and, well—it was a miss. Hey, you win some you lose some, right? Moving on...

So, what now? I considered taking a month off but I decided to ask around to see if anyone had any cool ideas for me. The winner? Mr. Dan Kaplan for suggesting a "movie challenge".

This probably sounds way too easy, right? Not if you're Danne Dzenawagis. When I meet new people, there's 2 things that I can say that immediately make them dislike me:

Thing #1: "I hate movies"
Thing #2: "I hate dogs"

Ok, so hate is a strong word and it isn't entirely true in this case. I don't hate movies, I just hardly ever watch them because I have the attention span of a goldfish, and I don't actually hate dogs, I generally just dislike about 99% of them. And I mean, who needs a dog when you have a cat that's the size of one?

But anyways, my challenge this month is to finally suck it up and watch a bunch of the movies that I definitely should have seen at some point in my life. This list was complied over the weekend at our friend Kelly's house with the help of a bunch of movie buffs, including the Sullivan Sisters, who really thought long and hard about what was and wasn't important for me to see based on the list of the 12 movies that I actually have seen.

So, here they are, the 10 movies that I will be watching over the next 21 days. Don't make fun of me, I've never seen any of these. And please don't suggest more, watching this many movies in a month is kind of torturous, this is already way more than I can handle.

1. Citizen Kane
2. Usual Suspects
3. Pulp Fiction
4. Fight Club
5. Matrix
6. Say Anything
7. Spaceballs
8. Animal House
9. Legends of the Fall
10. Top Gun

Thank god there's only 21 days in this challenge, and thank god it's knitting season again so I have something to do while I have to sit through all these. Movie party anyone?


  1. Um, I totally want to have a knitting/movie watching party with you! I actually haven't seen quite a few of these.

  2. Danne, I have quite a few of these if you want to borrow them :) I'm a movie freak!

  3. Danne those are great picks!! Can't wait to read your take on them after you watch them.

  4. You can't REALLY mean that you're not going to watch Dirty Dancing?! Doesn't get any better :) Would love to add another 20-30 when you become a convert to movie freak...

  5. Joyce: Yes, please!

    Todd: I 100% would love to borrow your movies, bring 'em down!

    Ann Arbor: Don't you worry, even though I'm not a movie person, even I've seen Dirty Dancing. I mean, I am a girl after all...

  6. So excited when I started reading this because I wanted to share a movie that I keep thinking about. Ever read a book or movie that just kind of stays with you? I totally did not want to see it but made a date with my MIL,so I went. Incendies.

    So no pressure - but maybe others would enjoy it too :)

  7. Well- I have been inspired by your 12 months of Lent then totally failed my first month so I am glad to see that even the "pro" admits to some flops every now and again- but what fun these challenges are! I am curious- where do you find these classic movies to watch? Is there still a video store near you? I've been wanting to watching "Citizen Kane" for a long time and can't find it anywhere.....

  8. Thanks for the recommendation Minimaxwell, I'll certainly check it out once my 10 in 21 is done.

    And Anna-Marie, don't even worry about failing at your first month, just set up for another one and get to it. Every month is a new beginning, right? Although I typically do succeed at taking on a challenge each month, I hardly ever stick to it 100%, and even when I do, some months have much more impact than others.

    And as far as Citizen Kane goes, I'm pretty sure it's on Netflix so I'll probably get it that way. Libraries are usually great resources for old movies too, that was pretty much what I did every Friday night all through high school haha.

  9. Danne, you HAVE to watch Incendie. I mean, it's from Quebec, like one of your loyal readers... me :-D

  10. We own at least half of these. And will surely be watching one Thursday night!

  11. Ok, ok, 2 votes for Incendie, looks like I have to watch it. Maybe I'll make it a bonus movie for when I make it through the others.

  12. and don't worry Sondra, I think Tony has already planned out our entire movie night lineup haha