Monday, February 13, 2012

Website Work < Maine

Confession Time: Instead of working on my website all weekend like I should have been doing, I went to Portland, Maine instead. Whoops! After all the computer crap and cat crap (not literally, ha) and car crap, I needed a little weekend getaway to lift my spirits and Maine always knows how to make me feel better. A few shots:

An embroidery in our B&B.

Best. Place. Ever.

Best. Lunch. Ever. From. Best. Place. Ever.

Midday Allagash, don't mind if I do...


East End Cupcakes in Old Port.

Gotta love a good whale mural.

I love Watertown and all, but come on...

Ok, ok, enough procrastinating, time to get back to work!


  1. We went to some of the same places!!! You need to eat at a place called East Enders next time. It was out of this world!

  2. So funny, I wish we would have just randomly run into you guys on the street.

  3. Oh Portland looks beautiful! It definitely would have been a great reviving weekend!

    It's on my list to visit!

  4. Definitely visit if you get the chance, Portland is a really fun little city.