Sunday, January 29, 2012


Just wanted to update everyone that I'm writing this from my iPhone because I got the black curtain of death on my computer yesterday and it's officially out of commission, AGAIN.

Just one question, SERIOUSLY, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

I'd also like to take a poll to see what everyone thinks this means:

A: I'm paying for something terrible I did in a past life.

B: I should give up trying to be a Graphic Designer altogether.

C: I should stop challenging myself to work so hard and have more fun.

D: I should quit my bitching because things could be a whole lot worse.

Answers in the comment field, please. I'm off to do something analog for the rest of the night...


  1. Since music wasn't in the cards yesterday, I found myself with the option of actually taking a day off—so I did. I decided to watch a documentary on Europe's Dark Ages, a film called "War Dance" about children of war in Uganda and cap it off with what is easily the most bleak movie of all time, "Melancholia".

    After seeing the horror of life both past and present, I am convinced that "A" you are paying for something you did in your past life :)~

  2. I'm going to weigh in here, and give you my totally predictable answers of "B" and "C"! Good thing we have double craft nights this week!