Thursday, September 22, 2011

To-Do Today:

Oh boy, am I behind...but it's for good reason: I'm away on vacation in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Weddings, family time, overeating, sleeping, wine drinking and exploring, have taken over my normal schedule, so my apologies for ignoring my usual responsibilities like blogging. I have missed out on quite a few challenges, so here's my official catch-up to-do list:

1. Video chat with a faraway friend (Does Fanne count because she's back home in Mass?)
2. Give 5 high-fives (I'm already 3 into this one)
3. Call someone you haven't talked to in years
4. Say hi to 3 strangers (easy since I don't know too many people here in Ann Arbor)
5. Make something for someone (this may have to wait until I get home, we'll see though)
6. Leave someone a thank-you note
7. Teach someone something (simple considering I'm surrounded by small children)
8. Cook dinner for someone
9. Send a friend 3 links they'll love
10. Give 3 compliments
11. Leave a positive comment on a strangers blog (any suggestions for cool blogs to check out?)
12. Ask for someone's advice and take it (hmmm...)

Time to get to work (and also enjoy the last official day of summer)!


  1. Danne! Check out Jen Altman's blog (Her blog: if you haven't yet. She's so lovely. Amazing photographer/working mother of three beautiful little girls. Her oldest daughter, Adie, is four years old and has her own blog where she showcases her photos taken with her very own, vintage Polaroid camera that she's so perfectly named, Polly ( Really inspiring and deserving of positive comments!!!


    This blog:

    is the "side" blog of a woman whose blog I've been reading for years:

    I think you'll like either of them!

  3. thanks ladies, about to check out all of the above and leave positive comments galore!

    p.s. joyce, can we really have a video chat with fanfan? i think the little kaplans would love that haha

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