Thursday, December 30, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons, Have No Fear, Grammy Will Hook It Up

I was so busy my first week of unemployment that I didn’t even make it out to buy a scratch ticket. Luckily though, all of my busyness paid off and I managed to land a 2-month freelance gig at Jeff Kennedy Associates, a Somerville firm that specializes in exhibit design, yay! The best part is that I don’t start until January 6th so I’ve been enjoying a nice, luxurious 3-week staycation. My 90 year old grandmother must have been psychic too, because in my Christmas card this year were 3 scratch tickets, from which I won a total of $4. Looks like the universe is on my side after all.

Next up is my 2010 lent summary and my January challenge: 100 Things.

Happy Holidays!

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