Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tim Gunn's 10 Essentials

Aside from the realization that I possess a stupid amount of clothing, this month's other big observation is that my wardrobe lacks pieces that could be described as timeless and versatile. The items that I picked for my 6 were literally the only nondescript things that I could find in the visual cacophony of my closet. Hmmm, maybe it's finally time to stop dressing like a 5-year-old girl...

Although I'll probably make my own list at the end of the month based on my personal experience with sixing, here's Tim Gunn's list of must-haves—you know, the things that are actually worth paying more than $15 for.

Tim Gunn's 10 Essential Items Every Woman Needs

• Basic black dress
• Trench coat
• Classic dress pants
• Classic white shirt
• Skirt
• Blazer
• Day dress
• Cashmere sweater
• Jeans
• A comfortable alternative to a sweatsuit

Looks like it's time for a sustainable shopping spree to fill in the blanks, bummer...

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  1. Try places like Goodwill, Second Time Around, and eBay for your 10 essentials first! (Just make sure you are in the mood to paw through a lot of junk to get to the good finds.) Since I've been on tilt about not buying new clothing, I went shopping at the Goodwill store (the huge one on Melnea Cass) and I came away with three pairs of pants (including a pair of classic dress pants, take that, Tim Gunn!), two dresses, and a belt for under $30! I love my new-old clothes.