Monday, March 22, 2010

Even misers need to have a heart

After my trek to Planet Fitness this afternoon, I decided to make a stop at Shaws because I remembered that strawberries were on sale for $1.99 this week and that laundry detergent is buy one get one (my new favorite sale to take advantage of). When I got to the parking lot though, I noticed that a few workers were outside in the pouring rain holding picket signs. I had forgotten that there was a strike! One of them (who happened to be a really cute young guy) gave me a desperate look as I drove in. Even though I've committed myself to being as cheap as possible in every aspect of my life, I had to give myself a break here. Saving ¢.50 on strawberries probably wasn't worth it when these poor people were standing out in the rain because their health care rates were rising substantially. So, moral of the story, even misers need to have a heart sometimes and cut themselves some slack.

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